Church Leadership

Our Pastor

Dayle Malloy

Pastor Malloy has been serving Trinity as a bridge pastor since 2021. 

Our Organist

Michael Kuhnert

Michael Kuhnert has served Trinity since 1997.  Mike leads worship from the organ bench every Sunday. He also directs the Adult Choir and Adult Bell Choir, seeking to help them make a joyful song to the Lord. Mike's love for God shows in his dedication to providing quality music each and every week and in choosing hymns and songs that extend the teaching of the Word in both new and familiar ways.

Our Pianist

John Schwartz

John Schwartz has also served Trinity since 1997.   John is an accomplished pianist, who uses the abilities God has given both in worship leadership and as an accompanist for the choirs. He also directs the Children's Choir and works with different vocal soloists and ensembles throughout the year. John's enthusiasm for musical excellence shows in the loving way he challenges our young people to grow in their abilities to sing and to read music.

Church Council Members

Mike Juszynski - Council President

Caitlin Gifford - Council Vice President

Kelly Mallery - Council Secretary

Logan Wenhold - Council Treasurer

Bill Bohner

Dennis Gluck

Dan Hunter

Jeanne McLaughlin

Angel Millisock

Arlene Reimer

Kelly Wenhold

Shelly Zarenkiewicz